From the moment that I assume the Presidency of the Fourth National Congress on Sleep Apnea in Odontology, my responsibility, time and dedication in which I devoted to try and make this edition be on the same level as the previous ones, I now take the opportunity to thank those individuals and entities that have done nothing but open a new perspective for the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing with intraoral devices.

A new path is being taken from our clinics where we are slipping in a society which in turn is also unknown to this disease and it is strange that days goes by and the media does not talk about these disorders.

It is my honor to invite you to attend the IV National Congress on Sleep Apnea, on the 13th and 14th of November, at the School of Dentistry at the Complutense University of Madrid. As you know, Sleep Medicine occupies an increasing amount of activity from multiple medical disciplines (dentists, pulmonologists, neurophysiologists, ENT, cardiologists, family doctors...) and advances in this field are constant.

This discipline has the fundamental objective of solving health problems that occur during sleep, or are derived from changes in it.

Society asks us as health professionals, among which we find ourselves, to provide solutions to their diseases and disorders. For this, the ongoing training appears to us as the necessary and obligatory way to respond to all our patients.

On training matters, the scientific community in general and Spain in particular has developed a first-rate research effort. Our country is at the forefront of care, training and research planning in sleep medicine.

We want to present an open congress, innovator and generator of knowledge, based on the discussion of some of the most important in Oral Sleep Medicine and for these issues, we will have the participation of leaders in sleep disorders and very active members in this specialty.

We strive for a content and solid program yet with a structure that encourages debate and exchange of views, incorporating aspects of research, clinical trials and development of care models in sleep disorders.

We devote time to discuss respiratory and neurological aspects of sleep disorders, but also practical aspects related to our daily lives.

Without further ado, let me send a cordial greeting and I count on your presence in this magnificent event.


Dr. Javier Vila Martín
President of the IV Congress on Sleep Apnea in Odontology
Specialist in ORL - Dentist


School of Odontology

Complutense University
Pza. Ramón y Cajal, s/n, 28040


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